When To Use Chicco Bravo Stroller Without Car Seat? You Won't Believe What We Found Out! - Which-Kit (2023)

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If you are a new parent or have a growing family, you know how important it is to choose the right stroller for your little ones. The Chicco Bravo Stroller has been one of the top choices in the market, offering both versatility and functionality that can make daily trips with your baby easier and more enjoyable. One question many parents might have is when to use Chicco Bravo stroller without car seat.

The Chicco Bravo Stroller is designed to accommodate infants as well as toddlers up to 50 pounds. However, it comes with a detachable infant car seat carrier that serves as a convenient travel system for newborns. The car seat clicks into the stroller frame, allowing parents to move their sleeping babies from car to stroller without waking them up. But after the baby grows out of the car seat, parents may wonder if they can still use the stroller without it.

As it turns out, there are several scenarios where using the Chicco Bravo Stroller without the car seat carrier makes perfect sense. In this blog post, we will explore some of these situations, discuss the benefits of transitioning to the stroller seat, and offer tips on how to use the stroller safely and comfortably for your child.

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1. Age of the Child

1.1. Infants

1.2. Toddlers

1.3. Preschoolers

2. Length of the Trip

2.1. Short Trips

2.2. Long Trips

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4. Purpose of the Stroller

4.1. Everyday Use

4.2. Travel

4.3. Exercise

5. Additional Features

5.1. Storage Space

5.2. Adjustable Seat

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5.3. Canopy

6. Frequently Asked Questions

6.1. What is the minimum age requirement to use the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat?

6.2. Can the Chicco Bravo stroller be used without a car seat for long walks or running errands?

6.3. Is it safe to use the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat for infants who cannot sit up on their own?

6.4. Are there any weight or height restrictions for using the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat?

6.5. When should I switch from using the Chicco Bravo stroller with a car seat to using it without the car seat?

6.6. Can the Chicco Bravo stroller be used without a car seat for travel or on airplanes?

Age of the Child


The Chicco Bravo Stroller can be used without a car seat for infants who are able to sit up on their own. It is recommended that parents wait until their infant is at least six months old before using the stroller without the car seat.

Parents should also ensure that their child’s neck and head control is strong enough to prevent any potential injuries from sudden movements or jerks while in the stroller.

The stroller has adjustable reclining positions, providing comfort and support for your little one during travel.


If your toddler is over six months old and weighs less than 50 pounds, then they can use the Chicco Bravo Stroller without the car seat. Remember, toddlers need to have developed proper neck control before being seated upright in the stroller.

This lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre stroller can be extremely helpful for family outings with your curious toddler. The large storage compartments make it convenient for carrying essentials like diapers, bottles, food, etc.

The stroller comes equipped with an adjustable canopy to protect your little one from harsh sunlight, wind, or rain showers.


If your preschooler weighs less than 50 pounds and enjoys long walks, shopping trips, or exploring the outdoors, the Chicco Bravo Stroller without the car seat is perfect for them.

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The stroller has a five-point harness system which will provide additional safety and security to preschoolers who still require some restraint while out and about.

With its sturdy construction and durable materials, parents might find this stroller useful even when their child starts attending pre-schools. These educational institutions often encourage children to walk to promote physical activity. The Chicco stroller can let parents participate in this without worrying about the child getting tired or carrying too much weight.

Length of the Trip

The Chicco Bravo Stroller is a popular choice for parents who are always on-the-go. It’s versatile, easy to maneuver, and can be used in various situations.

Short Trips

If you’re planning a short trip such as running errands or going to the mall, you can definitely use the Chicco Bravo Stroller without the car seat attachment. The stroller alone can accommodate babies from birth up to 50 pounds, making it an excellent investment for parents with growing children.

The stroller has a spacious storage basket that holds all your essentials, making it perfect for quick outings. You won’t have to lug around a bulky car seat if you don’t have to since the stroller folds compactly and easily fits in most vehicle trunks.

The stroller also features a reclining seat that provides maximum comfort for your little one as they take a nap while you shop around.

Long Trips

For longer trips such as vacations or day trips, using the Chicco Bravo Stroller without a car seat may not be the best idea. An infant car seat offers more protection and support when traveling long distances, especially if you plan to travel by car or plane.

The Chicco Bravo Stroller is compatible with several infant car seats, including the KeyFit and Fit2 models. With the car seat attached, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your baby is secure during your journey, whether it’s outside exploring or inside catching some rest.

If you’re unsure about what’s best for your trip, consider the age and size of your child, the duration of the trip, and how much gear you need to carry. Planning ahead will help ensure that you make the most out of your Chicco Bravo Stroller, whether you’re using it for a quick run to the store or an extended stay away from home.

Type of Terrain

Smooth Surfaces

If you are going out for a walk on smooth surfaces such as concrete, tiles, or pavement, and you want to take your baby with you then the Chicco Bravo Stroller without Car Seat is definitely suitable. Its sturdy wheels will ensure that you have full control and will prevent any wobbling.

The maneuverability of this stroller makes it so easy to navigate through busy streets or crowded areas. It gives excellent stability even when moving at high speeds, ensuring that both parent and baby can travel in comfort and safety.

This type of terrain is perfect for quick errands like running down to the grocery store or taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. The Chicco Bravo Stroller Without Car seat is lightweight, making it easy to push along while shopping or jogging on smoother terrains.

Rough Terrains

The Chicco Bravo Stroller is also great if you plan to go off-road on more rugged surfaces. Whether you’re hiking across fields or trekking up rocky hillsides, the stroller’s sturdy frame is capable of handling uneven, bumpy terrains with ease.

If you’re looking for a reliable stroller that offers impressive performance and durability, choose Chicco Bravo Stroller Without Car Seat, which features all-terrain wheels that provide exceptional stability and traction over different surfaces. You won’t have to worry about dragging it while navigating tricky terrains because its tires make the journey effortless, no matter where you go.

If you love spending time outdoors or exploring new landscapes, the Chicco Bravo Stroller Without Car Seat is a perfect choice for your little one, offering unmatched reliability and flexibility, especially on rougher terrains.

Uneven Surfaces

If you are taking your stroller on uneven terrains such as dirt or gravel pathways, then the Chicco Bravo Stroller Without Car Seat is just perfect for you. The wheels of this stroller can tackle rough and bumpy terrain with ease.

With a strong frame and durable components, it can withstand all weather conditions while providing a comfortable and safe journey for baby and parents alike. Additionally, its adjustable handlebar ensures that you have a firm grip throughout the ride even on steep inclines.

The stroller’s wide tires provide excellent stability on uneven surfaces and offer superior shock absorption, ensuring that your little one stays comfortable throughout the trip. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck because the Chicco Bravo Stroller without car seat will easily navigate through any obstacle along the way.

Purpose of the Stroller

Everyday Use

If you have a Chicco Bravo stroller, there are times when you can use it without a car seat. One such instance is during everyday use. If you’re heading out for a walk around your neighborhood or running errands with your child, the stroller can offer excellent convenience and comfort.

The stroller’s ample storage space and adjustable canopy provide shade for sunny days. Plus, it has multiposition reclining options to accommodate daytime napping or watching their surroundings comfortably.

Ensure to check if the stroller still provides safety and security after switching from using it with a car seat. Follow manufacturer guidelines carefully to ensure proper installation and harnessing of the child while in the stroller mode.


When traveling by land, air or sea with children, having a stroller comes in handy. The Chicco Bravo stroller offers flexibility and ease of transport – easy-folded and lightweight quality that saves time getting through gate checks, navigating between gates and your destination airport terminal.

You could easily move your baby around the busy area and not carry them all the way, which becomes hectic most times. It also helps save costs on renting a travel stroller and meets specific preferences for both parent and child.

Note that different airlines may have excess weight restrictions regarding permissibility, so be sure to remove any additional items attached before boarding a plane or ferry. Always bring an extra blanket or cover for unpredictable weather conditions.


An essential benefit of owning a Chicco Bravo stroller without using the infant car seat is during exercise periods. Parents love juggling fitness and childcare obligations, meeting several needs at once as they go jogging or cycling with their child.

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A stroller comes in handy as it helps avoid carrying unnecessary weight that slows down the exercise process. The large wheels with tires are durable, padded and roll smoothly on different terrains – from smooth pathways to grassy parks or bumpy trails without trouble.

“The Chicco Bravo Stroller has an adjustable handle for a comfortable grip while jogging plus a parent’s console provides an extra compartment to store essential items such as water bottles.”

However, be cautious not to over-exercise the baby or turn too sharply when sliding downhill while operating the brake system properly guaranteeing safety and avoiding tripping accidents. Have fun while keeping fit and bonding with your little one using the Chicco Bravo stroller!

Additional Features

Storage Space

If you plan to go on a long trip or simply need extra space for your baby’s necessities, the Chicco Bravo stroller without car seat is a great choice. The stroller comes equipped with a spacious storage basket underneath, where you can store diapers, wipes, snacks, and toys.

The basket is easily accessible from both the front and back of the stroller, so you won’t have to search around too much when you need something quickly.

In addition to the storage basket, the Chicco Bravo stroller also features a parent tray with two cup holders, where you can keep your drink and your phone within reach while you stroll.

Adjustable Seat

The Chicco Bravo stroller without car seat has an adjustable seat that can be reclined to multiple positions, making it suitable for infants and toddlers alike.

If your little one needs to take a nap, you can recline the seat to a flat position, providing them with a comfortable sleeping area.

The seat also features a 5-point harness system to keep your child safe and secure while riding in the stroller.


The Chicco Bravo stroller without car seat includes a removable canopy, providing your child with shade on sunny days.

The canopy is made from high-quality materials and blocks out harmful UV rays, keeping your baby cool and protected from the sun.

It also has a peek-a-boo window, allowing you to check on your baby without having to stop the stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement to use the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat?

The Chicco Bravo stroller can be used without a car seat when your child is at least 6 months old. At this age, your child should be able to sit up and hold their head up on their own, which is necessary for safe and comfortable stroller use.

Can the Chicco Bravo stroller be used without a car seat for long walks or running errands?

Yes, the Chicco Bravo stroller is designed to be used without a car seat for long walks and running errands. The stroller has a comfortable seat and adjustable canopy to protect your child from the sun. It also has a large storage basket for carrying essentials.

Is it safe to use the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat for infants who cannot sit up on their own?

No, it is not safe to use the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat for infants who cannot sit up on their own. Infants need the support and protection of a car seat until they are able to sit up and hold their head up on their own.

Are there any weight or height restrictions for using the Chicco Bravo stroller without a car seat?

Yes, the Chicco Bravo stroller can be used without a car seat for children up to 50 pounds in weight and 43 inches in height. Children who exceed these limits should be placed in a different stroller or car seat.

When should I switch from using the Chicco Bravo stroller with a car seat to using it without the car seat?

You should switch from using the Chicco Bravo stroller with a car seat to using it without the car seat when your child is able to sit up and hold their head up on their own, which is usually around 6 months of age. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific recommendations.

Can the Chicco Bravo stroller be used without a car seat for travel or on airplanes?

Yes, the Chicco Bravo stroller can be used without a car seat for travel or on airplanes. However, it is important to check with your airline for their specific guidelines and restrictions on stroller use during travel.

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When can you put a baby in a stroller without the car seat? ›

While there is no set age to make this transition (as EVERY baby is different), the general advice is: once they are able to sit up unassisted, they will be able to sit in the stroller without their car seat. This happens around 6 months of age (sometimes sooner, sometimes later).

When can I use Chicco Bravo stroller? ›

The Bravo Trio claims to support infants from day one onward. If used with the included car seat, the stroller can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. I like that, if you click the car seat in, you have the option of simply strolling around with the car seat on top of the stroller frame.

Can stroller be used for newborns? ›

Strollers come in various types with many different features. They are an indispensable part of our arsenal of baby gear. But knowing when you can use them is a question we should explore. Babies can use a stroller when they can support their own head, usually around 3 months old.

Why do babies have to lie flat until 6 months? ›

Why do babies under six months of age need to lie flat? This is because newborns don't yet have the muscle strength to support and lift their heads. If a newborn baby is propped up, their head can roll forwards and put pressure on their windpipe (trachea) reducing how much oxygen they breathe in.

Can baby stay in stroller through security? ›

Screening your Child

Children will not be separated from their parent/guardian. Remove infants and children from strollers and car seats and carry them in arms through the walk-through metal detector. Modified screening procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of a pat-down.

Is Chicco Bravo stroller allowed in Disney? ›

Per the Walt Disney World Resort Property Rules, Guests are welcome to bring strollers with them to the theme parks, provided they aren't larger than 31" (79 cm) in width and 52" (132 cm) in length.

Can I bring my Chicco Bravo stroller on a plane? ›

Car seats and strollers can be checked just like any other item (at no charge at most airlines). If you do check items either at the ticket counter or gate, get your luggage tag for them straight away. Even if you're not boarding any time soon, attach your luggage tag to your items as soon as possible.

What age is Chicco Cheerio stroller for? ›

IncludedSeat unit, Raincover, Chassis,
Number of seats1
Seat unitWorld facing only
Suitable fromFrom birth to 15kg
1 more row

What is the age limit for Chicco Bravo car seat? ›

This Child Restraint is designed for children ages Birth to at least 2 years old. ONLY use this Child Restraint if the child meets BOTH of the following Weight and Height requirements: Weight is between 4 and 30 pounds (2 and 13.5 kg).

Can you put a Chicco car seat in a Graco stroller? ›

The optional Graco/ Chicco car seat adapter makes it easy to latch in a: Chicco Fit2, Chicco Keyfit 35, Chicco Keyfit 30, Graco SnugRide 35 Lite, SnugRide 35 Lite LX, Graco SnugRide SnugLock Extend2Fit 35, and Graco Click Connect Snugride 30 or 35 infant car seat to your 2016-2022 Bumbleride Era, Indie or Speed ...

How long does Chicco Bravo car seat last? ›

For Chicco car seats, refer to this guide: Infant car seats: 6 years from DOM. Convertible car seats: 8 years from DOM.

What stroller should a newborn be in? ›

If you have a newborn, look for an option that reclines. They're also more limited and can't convert into a double stroller, so you'll want to keep this in mind if you plan to have more than one child that need to be carted around! Double strollers are great if you have two kids that are close in age.

What kind of strollers are safe for newborns? ›

Stroller Types Typically Safe for Newborns
  • Travel System.
  • All-in-one Travel System.
  • Combination Stroller.
  • Car Seat Stroller.
  • Car Seat Carrier Stroller.
  • Convertible Stroller.
  • Double Stroller.
Apr 6, 2022

What age is the Chicco buggy for? ›

The Award-winning Chicco Next2Me Forever Grows With Your Baby. Suitable From Birth Up To 4 Years!

When can I switch to umbrella stroller? ›

(In fact, umbrella strollers were invented in 1965 by an aviation engineer looking to replace his heavy pram with something more lightweight for an international flight.) Most umbrella strollers are designed to carry babies 6 months or older, when they typically can sit up on their own.

What age can you use umbrella stroller until? ›

This usually happens around six months old although some babies are able to do so earlier or later than that. The key is that their head should be able to support itself without help. Once your baby has reached this milestone, you can safely use an umbrella stroller until your child is around 50 pounds.


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