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What is known as a scheduling conference in Salt Lake County can be known as something else in other court systems. In Utah County it is known as a waiver hearing, in Davis County it is called a role-call or a decision to prelim. Even though they are often called different names in different courts, the purpose is the same. The scheduling conference is the first time in a felony case or a class-A misdemeanor case where you have the opportunity to sit down in court with the prosecutor to discuss your case. It is an opportunity to see if you can resolve your case without having to go all the way to trial, to present your evidence, and negotiate what you think the potential resolution could be. You also get a sense of what the position of the prosecutor is and what you might need to go through to resolve the case. Sometimes you can resolve your case during the first scheduling conference, sometimes there needs to be additional scheduling conferences, and sometimes the case needs to continue forward through other proceedings.

(Video) Scheduling Conference

(Video) Scheduling Conference, Judge Andrew H. Stone, 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City

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(Video) Scheduling and Settlement Conference
(Video) What is a Scheduling Conference in Utah?


What is a Scheduling Conference in Utah? | Intermountain Legal? ›

The scheduling conference is essentially a collaborative meeting between all parties meant to facilitate a potential settlement of the case before the matter proceeds to trial. It will typically occur in cases involving felonies or schedule A misdemeanors.

What is a scheduling conference in Utah? ›

It is an opportunity to see if you can resolve your case without having to go all the way to trial, to present your evidence, and negotiate what you think the potential resolution could be. You also get a sense of what the position of the prosecutor is and what you might need to go through to resolve the case.

What is the purpose of scheduling conference? ›

At the Scheduling Conference, the parties shall be prepared to discuss all aspects of the Adversary Proceeding and the Joint Report including, among other things: a. formulating and simplifying the issues, and eliminating frivolous claims and defenses; b. amending the pleadings if necessary or desirable; c.

What happens at pretrial conference Utah? ›

Pretrial conference

The judge or commissioner will lead a discussion about: Whether the parties can settle some parts or all of the case – the case could be assigned to another judge for help with settlement. How long the trial will take, how many witnesses each side plans to call.

What is a final pretrial conference in Utah? ›

Pre-trial conferences happen in both felony and misdemeanor cases. It is an opportunity for you and the other side to try to reach a resolution without having to go to trial. About 95% of all criminal cases do not go to trial, and are often resolved in pre-trial conferences.

What is the conference schedule? ›

A conference schedule is a written document with a list of the things to be done or the topics to be discussed in a convention or a meeting.

What is the Utah Rule 16? ›

(1) The prosecutor or defendant may impose reasonable limitations on the further dissemination of sensitive information otherwise subject to discovery to prevent improper use of the information or to protect victims and witnesses from harassment, abuse, or undue invasion of privacy, including limitations on the further ...

What is scheduling and why it is required? ›

The main purposes of scheduling algorithms are to minimize resource starvation and to ensure fairness amongst the parties utilizing the resources. Scheduling deals with the problem of deciding which of the outstanding requests is to be allocated resources. There are many different scheduling algorithms.

What do lawyers say in court when they don't agree? ›

Objection. Objection to the form, your Honor. Objection, your Honor, leading. Overruled.

What are the 3 most important objectives of scheduling? ›

Objectives of Scheduling
  • Meeting customer and finished goods inventory delivery requirements.
  • To achieve the required rate of output with a minimum of delay and disruption in processing.
  • To have maximum utilization of men, machine and materials by maintaining a smooth flow of materials along the production line.

What comes after a preliminary hearing in Utah? ›

If the judge finds that there is no probable cause to proceed with the case, the charges will be dismissed and the matter will end there. If probable cause is found, as it is in the majority of cases, an arraignment will occur for felony cases, where you will be asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Is a pretrial conference a meeting? ›

It is a meeting between the presiding judge and attorneys to evaluate what is necessary to move the case to trial and establish dates for certain tasks to be completed. There are often several pretrial conferences to resolve issues as they proceed toward trial.

What is a major purpose of pretrial conferences? ›

The primary purpose of a pretrial conference is to clarify any legal issues and administrative procedures that if taken care of before the beginning of a trial, can expedite the judicial process.

Is a pretrial conference the same as a settlement conference? ›

At the final pretrial conference (also called a settlement conference), all parties meet with the Court prior to trial for the purpose of effecting an amicable settlement or, if a settlement is not achieved, to narrow the legal issues for trial and set a date for trial to begin.

What happens after arraignment in Utah? ›

After the Arraignment, but before any trial can occur, the court will schedule a “Pretrial Conference” (“PTC”). Generally speaking, between the Arraignment and the PTC, your attorney will have requested and received copies of all the evidence against you in your case.

What is criminal diversion in Utah? ›

The diversion program is voluntary and the offender is rewarded with the reduction or dismissal of charges instead of a prison term if they complete the program. The diversion program serves several purposes in the state of Utah. For one, it provides restitution to victims of certain crimes.

What is a scheduling order in federal court? ›

A scheduling order is a court order designed to manage the flow of a case from the date it is entered through the beginning of trial. The court may enter the order on its own motion, or either party may seek one by motion.

What happens at a waiver hearing in Utah? ›

These hearings are conducted primarily to determine if you and the State of Utah can reach a plea bargain. This is called Waiver Hearing because if you reach a plea bargain with the State, a preliminary hearing and trial will not be necessary, and you will “waive” them.

What is a case management conference Utah? ›

The Case Management Conference is an initial hearing where the judge, the attorneys, and the parties meet to discuss the issues involved in the case. The whole purpose is to get your case moving forward. The judge will want to find out what issues you agree on and what you are not in agreement about.


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