[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (2023)

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (1)

Here we see where this rein of blood and terror began, with sweet little Elsa just not being able to hold it in anymore. This seething hatred that needs an outlet and other Sims seem like the perfect outlet, indeed.

Have you ever wanted to add a little bit of realism to your Sims game? Maybe you're the kind of Simmer that simply prefers to put their Sims through chaos and suffering. Whatever happens to tickle your fancy can be found here.

10. RoM - Untamed Magic is Untamed! by Zero

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (2)Some spells just don't seem to have the oomph in them that they should. Now, Inferniate, Chillo, and ZipZap will be just as destructive as you like.

Oh, how we’ve all wished our destructive spells were, well, more destructive. Now they can be. Incinerate your enemies with Inferniate, freeze their hearts solid with Chillo, and melt their brains with ZipZap. Whoever taught you magic never thought you’d use it to steal lives.

  • Give those normie Sims a reason to call you the wicked witch in the woods!
  • Adds an air of danger to all those Untamed Spellcasters waltzing around. They’ll never look at Morgyn the same way again.
  • This mod comes in two flavors, one in which these three spells are always deadly and the other in which these spells are only fatal if your caster is Charged.

Find the mod here: RoM - Untamed Magic is Untamed! by Zero

(Video) The Sims 4: Extreme Violence! (Mod Showcase)

Make sure to grab the Death Interactions mod and XML Injector to get this mod running smoothly.

9. Life Tragedies by Sacrificial

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (3)Horrible things can happen in the blink of an eye. Bring some of these tragedies to life for your Sims and leave them scarred like never before.

Your Sims can now experience harrowing events in their lifetime. They can be kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint, or get into a car accident. Your Sims will be able to talk about their experiences afterward if they make it out alive. You can also customize how often tragedies occur for everyone NPC or played Sim, aged Toddler and up.

  • Add some of the dark sides of realism to your game by forcing your Sims to face the same traumas we do.
  • This mod is great for storytelling! Maybe your older sister goes for a walk, is struck by a car, and never makes it home. That will prove to be a journal-worthy day.
  • Armed robberies can take Sims lives at random or you could even be held for a ransom.

Find the mod here: Life Tragedies by Sacrificial

8. Basemental Drugs

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (4)Fall into the void and explore the inner corners of your mind through thought-altering substances.

This mod adds one of the wider aspects of darkness in our world. Hard drugs and all the problems that come with them. Your Sims can now buy, sell, take, and propagate their own drugs.

  • Add depth to your Sim’s story by taking them through drugs, addiction, and recovery.
  • Have your Sim’s lead the life of a hardened criminal by selling drugs and even growing a few such as Cannabis and Shrooms.
  • Watch out! If you sell or buy too many drugs too quickly the cops or even the SWAT team will show up for a raid. You can avoid this through Money Laundering (requires Get to Work) and be more patient between sales.

Find the mod here: Drugs by Basemental

7. VAMPIRES - Can Kill by Zero

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (5)Vampires aren't meant to always be sparkly and self-contained. On the contrary, a true creature of the night doesn't shy away from the death their bite may bring.

Being a Vampire just feels a little too nice and perfect at times. What Vampire hasn’t drank someone dry by accident on occasion? Make your Vampires more deadly and find yourself some cattle.

(Video) The Top 10 Mods for Chaos in The Sims 4 // Sims 4 mods

  • Vampires can now drink Sims dry either on accident or in an uncontrollable drink.
  • Watch in awe as they enslave other Sims to be their feeding cattle by manipulating their life spirit. Find yourself a constant source of drink.
  • A rival Vampire may even seek to release your thrall and steal your meal.

Find the mod here: Vampires - Can Kill by Zero

Make sure to grab the prerequisite Death Interactions mod and the XML Injector to get this mod running smoothly.

6. Hoe it Up by Sacrificial

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (6)There's always more than one way to pay your way through life. Most just wouldn't think of selling their bodies to do so, but not you! Your Sim is bound to be swimming in simoleons with these new talents.

Is life just not hard enough for your Sims? Look no further for that extra dose of University blues than taking up one of these new skills to make extra cash. Any Sim can ask for your services and you’re free to turn them down too, but that won’t pay for your tuition will it?

  • Your Sims can take on up to three new skills to make some money with what their mamma gave ‘em. Each skill has 5 levels.
  • Your Sims can now offer sexy services in exchange for Simoleons. Offer a lapdance, a strip dance, and more.
  • Sims now have a chance to be serviced in return for their hard work.

Find the mod here: Hoe it Up by Sacrificial

5. Extreme Violence by Sacrificial

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (7)Elsa just couldn't stand that snide look on her father's face any longer. No matter, his worries have all melted away now.

This mod goes above and beyond when it comes to absurd violence in your Sims game. It gives you everything from murder, gangs, and is compatible with the Life Tragedies mod.

  • Sims now have a plethora of violent interactions to choose from, ranging from non-lethal to deadly. You can do as little as slap a child or as much as open fire on civilians.
  • Gangs take over the streets and will act violently towards one another. Join your gang of choice: The Thotties or the HardWood gang and start your turf war.
  • Police can be called to take away murderous Sims. Your Sims also have a chance to defend themselves from any violent action. Pump up those Fitness skills Simmers! You never know when you might need it.

Find the mod here: Extreme Violence by Sacrificial

4. Custom Career: Teen Criminal by Rex

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (8)Crime isn't for adults alone, surely you've seen a few rabble-rousers around the park lately. Let's hope they're not forming a gang of their own!


Start your kids off on the wrong foot by letting them lead a life of crime. Their parents will weep or freak, it’s hard to tell, but who cares? You’re the “big bad evil guy” now.

  • Adds a part-time weekend career for your Teen Sims to partake in. Who knew pickpocketing your rich friend could turn into a lucrative business?
  • Plan crimes online, perform bank heists and get custom Chance Cards that affect your Sim’s Character Values.
  • Your parental Sims can either persuade or force their child out of the career. If they convince the Teen and they quit within one day, they can gain back much of their lost Empathy.

Find the mod here: Teen Criminal by Rex

3. Torture and Chaos by Sacrificial

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (9)Elsa may have taken out their father, but mom was Sofie's to end. A quick look through a book and she's got mom positively shocked at this sudden turn in her daughter.

Surely your non-occult Sims are tired of being walked all over. This mod grants them a book of dark power that allows them to torture and even kill other Sims.

  • Torture other Sims by making them and those around them get abducted, depressed, or set them aflame!
  • Your Sims are more deadly with the Book of Chaos in their pocket. They can electrocute, burn, and freeze Sims to death, even the Children.
  • Your Sims can give others the Kiss of Death, the Kiss of Flame, or just a straight-up heart attack. Enjoy laughing maniacally as your enemies perish.

Find the mod here: Torture and Chaos by Sacrificial

2. RoM - Potion of Nausea is Poison by Zero

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (10)

Sure, you can put all your faith in the Spellcasters and the occult, but who's to say when that Potion of Plentiful Needs will be a noxious Nausea Potion in disguise?

The Potion of Nausea has often felt rather pointless. You could save all the extra work and make them ill with bad food! No, instead, why don’t you poison them with that potion instead? It’s gotta be more gruesome than food poisoning.

  • Gives you a reason to use that useless Potion of Nausea, make sure your own stomach can handle it.
  • Kill off Sims that have crossed you by offering them a drink...to friendship. Right, right, friendship.
  • Bring back the bloodlust of your Sims in an unassuming way. No one ever suspects the Practical Spellcaster.

Find the mod here: RoM - Potion of Nausea is Poison by Zero

(Video) 20 must have mods for THE SIMS 4

Make sure you have XML Injector just in case it’s needed for this mod.

1. RoM - Black Magic by Zero

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods (11)

There was only one way that this deadly familial dance could ever end and that was by taking out the one who started all this. Sofie had to say goodbye to her sister, Elsa, the last family she knew.

This mod allows your Spellcasters to dabble in the dark ways. Give your Sims the ability to slay others and sell their souls to the Old Gods.

  • Any Sim may purchase the Weird Tome to begin the process of worshipping the Old Gods. After reading the book you can sacrifice the spirit at a tombstone or urn to the Old Gods.
  • Upon proffering your first soul, you become a worshipper of the Old Gods. From here, your Non-Spellcasters are considered Wild Witches.
  • Gain the ability through the Old Gods to Reaperify and steal souls for them! You can also drain another Sim’s life force, adding days to your own life. Be careful though, the more souls you reap the more likely your Sim is to be corrupted by evil.

Find the mod here: Black Magic by Zero

Make sure you have the prerequisite mods for this one to work: XML Injector, The Spellbook Injector, and Death Interactions.

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[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods? ›

[Top 10] Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods
  1. RoM - Black Magic by Zero.
  2. RoM - Potion of Nausea is Poison by Zero. ...
  3. Torture and Chaos by Sacrificial. ...
  4. Custom Career: Teen Criminal by Rex. ...
  5. Extreme Violence by Sacrificial. ...
  6. Hoe it Up by Sacrificial. ...
  7. VAMPIRES - Can Kill by Zero. ...
  8. Basemental Drugs. ...
Nov 13, 2020

Is there an abuse mod for Sims 4? ›

The point of this mod is murder and violence, and you've given the ability to kill and maim in a variety of over the top, gruesome ways. The most recent version of this mod added a new non-deadly interaction where a Sim can punch another Sim in the stomach. If the punched Sim is pregnant, they'll have a miscarriage.

What Sims 4 mods are worth getting? ›

15 Best Sims 4 Mods
  • Emotional Inertia by roBurky. Sims 4 has done a great job of adding motions to the game. ...
  • Private Practice. ...
  • Have Some Personality Please (By PolarBearSims) ...
  • MC Command Centre. ...
  • Meaningful Stories. ...
  • UI Cheats Extension. ...
  • Better Romance. ...
  • Bunk Beds.

Are there murderers in Sims 4? ›

Famed for the numerous ways of murdering fellow Sims, the mod lets you live out your criminal wants and needs. The added murders range from running over Sims with a car, mowing down civilians with an Uzi, literally ripping out a Sims heart, and many, many more!

What is MC Woohoo? ›

A Woohoo Skill that can positively and negatively impact friendly and romantic relationships. A “Drink Birth Control” interaction on active Sims that can be used to reduce the chance of having babies either with Risky Woohoo or Try for Baby by 50%.

Do Sims mods give viruses? ›

Mod the Sims is probably best for gameplay mods. As for viruses, you should always be careful downloading anything. But if the file you download ends in ". package", then it's very likely safe.

Is extreme violence mod illegal? ›

If we detect players using this kind of mod content, they will no longer be able to play the game and will face permanent EA account bans. So that means anyone who plays with wicked whims will get banned. Anyone with wicked perversions, anyone with extreme violence.

Can you abort on Sims? ›

If the player selects a pregnant Sim and clicks on the Reproductive Adjustor, one of the options will be "Abort Pregnancy". Aborting a pregnancy sometimes makes the mother depressed.

Can you put a kid up for adoption Sims 4? ›

Re: Can you put kids for adoption? If you're willing and able to use mods, the Woohoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul mod by Lumpinou includes the option to put children up for adoption. You would have to have your Sim discuss it with their partner, if any.

How do you get your period on Sims 4? ›

How to enable or disable periods in The Sims 4
  1. Click on the floor > click on the Whims purple heart icon to launch the Settings menu.
  2. Once the settings list on the screen, locate Sex settings > go to Pregnancy mode.
  3. Select Menstrual mode to enable or disable this feature.

How do I make my Sims 4 look real? ›


Can you go to church in Sims 4? ›

Conclusion. There is no religion in The Sims 4. The game doesn't feature any specific religion or spirituality-related activities and options.

What did Ian Simms do? ›

Pub landlord Ian Simms was jailed for life, after being convicted of the murder of 22-year-old Helen McCourt in February 1988. Simms was released from prison in 2020 after 32 years in prison despite never revealing the location of Helen's body.

Can you date the Grim Reaper Sims 4? ›

The Sims 4 is known for letting players tell whatever crazy stories they want, and this includes the ability to romance the Grim Reaper. The Sims 4 is known for allowing players to tell whatever crazy stories they want, and this includes the ability to romance the Grim Reaper in the game.

Can teenage Sims live alone Sims 4? ›

The short answer is yes: teenagers can live by themselves in The Sims 4. It might not be the usual thing, but if a teen sim wants to start out independently early on, they can.

Can Sims WooHoo without being told? ›

Because of its wide-ranging implications, WooHoo is generally not an autonomous interaction. In The Sims 2, there is a mod called Autonomous Casual Romance, which can be found on Simbology. This allows Sims to WooHoo and even try for a baby on their own, though the player can still forbid the latter if they want.

Do unplayed Sims have babies Sims 4? ›

With MC Command Center and the pregnancy module for it unplayed sims can get married and have children all on their own.

What does no CC mean in Sims 4? ›

It means that there is "No Custom Content" on the creation. Meaning that their isn't any third party content. Nik24X7. January 2013 edited January 2013. You often will see items in the Exchange with comments like "no CC" and "no CAP" or "no Create-A-Pattern".

Are Sims 4 CC safe? ›

It is perfectly safe to download mods and CC. Creators will not stick malware or viruses into their downloads. Creators create content for the game out of a genuine passion for The Sims; however, many creators host their downloads on sites that have pop-up ads.

How much CC Can The Sims 4 handle? ›

Again, there is no limit, some users have thousands of CC items installed without issue, so long as the CC is compatible with the current patch level and doesn't cause any confliction with other CC. Moving this thread to General Discussion so others who use 3rd party content can offer their advice.

Can EA ban you for mods? ›

no mods allowed - account ban if caught. The flip side is you can create a mod which creates a better game. So then EA might want you to be be a part of their team, unlikely, or they ban you and take/use your idea and do whatever with it as it has no legal authorization.

Is the wicked whims mod safe? ›

Conversation. To clear up some confusion, WickedWhims DOES NOT contain any malware or anything else that would negatively affect your game or your computer. These accusations are false and a scare tactic from people that create highly questionable mods and were rejected by the Sims community.

Are mods for Sims 4 legal? ›

That is all, mods such as those from NRaas, among many others, and package based custom content in general are not "illegal."

Are Sims 4 mods better? ›

The Sims 4 mods can truly improve your gaming experience. Although the game is fun enough on its own (there's plenty of stuff you can do in The Sims 4 already), it gets even better when you're able to have more meaningful conversations, or fix the lag that's been bothering you.

How do I make Sims 4 2021 more fun? ›

TOP MODS to make The Sims 4 BETTER in 2021 + LINKS - YouTube

Which Sims 4 expansion pack is most popular? ›

Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs, Ranked
  1. The Sims 4: Seasons. Essential.
  2. The Sims 4: Snowy Escape. ...
  3. The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. ...
  4. The Sims 4: Get Together. ...
  5. The Sims 4: Island Living. ...
  6. The Sims 4: City Living. ...
  7. The Sims 4: Discover University. ...
  8. The Sims 4: Cottage Living. ...

Are mods allowed in Sims 4? ›

If you're playing The Sims 4 on Windows or Mac, you can customize the game using custom content (CC) and mods. Installing them can be complicated if you're new to modding games, but The Sims 4 makes it fairly easy.


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