These Are the Best Brands to Shop for Home Office Furniture (2022)

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Whether you're a work-from-home veteran or new to the world of remote work, you need a designated space to take care of business. Not only that, but anyone who's spent months working from a hard kitchen chair knows you should have proper furniture for your home office, too. A desk and chair are musts, but if you've got the space, you might also consider shelving, cabinets, and storage.

If you've been working from your couch, bed, or dining table, the right pieces can provide relief from back and neck pain, boost your productivity, and make your at-home workday much more enjoyable.

Here, the best places to buy home office furniture.

West Elm

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If you like mid-century modern interior design, you'll definitely appreciate the office furniture collections from West Elm. The retailer is most known for big ticket furniture pieces like sofas and tables, but they also have plenty of stylish desks, chairs, stools, lighting, shelving, and home office décor.

As far as style goes, there are collections dedicated to mid-century modern, industrial, and contemporary design, as well as tons of options for small spaces. Whether you furnish your entire space or select one or two pieces, you can count on an enhanced aesthetic.


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If you prioritize ergonomic design, check out the selection from Branch. The brand offers high-quality furnishings, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, casual seating, and WFH accessories. Office furniture from Branch has a clean, modern style that doesn't sacrifice comfort or practicality. And since it's a direct-to-consumer company, you can count on lower prices than other premium furniture retailers.


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Speaking of ergonomic pieces, Fully is a go-to for comfortable, supportive, and ergonomic office furniture. Launched in 2005, the brand has an almost cult-like following thanks to its standing desk collection.

Fully carries a selection of award-winning desks, including traditional and standing options, as well as various types of intelligently-designed chairs. We're talking classic rolling chairs, standing desk stools, saddle chairs, kneeling chairs, and even a stool that rocks ever so slightly to promote circulation and full-body engagement. The brand also has a collection of standing mats and balance boards for those who like to stand while they work.

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If you like modern, boho, or trendy upscale design, you should definitely take a peek at the office furniture from Anthropologie. While the retailer doesn't carry as broad a selection as some other brands, it's a great place to buy statement pieces (but take note that the prices are definitely high).

When you shop the selection, you'll see items like lacquered console tables, velvet upholstered desk chairs, glass-top desks with eye-catching silhouettes, inlay wood furnishings, intricately hand-carved cabinets, and mirrored bookshelves, to name a few.


Wayfair is one of the best places to shop for homeware in general, and office furniture is no exception. The budget-friendly online retailer carries nearly 24,000 desks and over 13,000 office chairs, not to mention furniture sets, bookcases, filing cabinets, storage solutions, printer stands, chair mats, lamps, and more.

Whether your vibe leans more contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century, rustic, or traditional, you'll find something that speaks to you. If you're overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, Wayfair makes it really easy to narrow down your options by filtering by size, shape, color, price, features, style, material, or brand.


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AllModern is part of the Wayfair family, but as the name suggests it mostly carries furniture with a modern bent. When you browse the home office selection you'll find computer desks, writing desks, task chairs, conference chairs, bookcases, shelving units, and filing cabinets, all of which look stylish and come at a mid-range price. Hint: Check out the sale section for even better deals.

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Target is a great place to buy a lot of things, and, as it turns out, that includes office furniture. The big-box store has a broad selection of home office furnishings both in stores and online, and while most options are budget-friendly, they're just as reliable and visually appealing as some higher-end retailers.

If you know exactly what you need, you can shop by category or product type. You can also browse Target's small office furniture collection, click through the different brands, or check out the best-sellers.


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Yup, Amazon dominates the home office category too. The e-commerce giant has more than 4,000 office chairs, over 7,000 desks, and upwards of 1,000 filing cabinets to shop from, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find what you're looking for.

Amazon also carries full office furniture sets, bookcases, computer armoires, drafting tables, lighting, décor, and desk accessories—plus computers and basically any other WFH essentials you may need. You can filter your search, read through user reviews, and often get free shipping and quick delivery on furniture items.

Urban Outfitters

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Urban Outfitters is the hipper, younger sister brand of Anthropologie. The retailer's home section includes a decent selection of office furnishings with modern, mid-century, and bohemian-inspired designs, including desks, chairs, and storage. Most of the collection is curated with apartments and smaller spaces in mind, so this is a great place to look if you have limited square footage.


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Walmart is another big-box retailer with a huge selection of surprisingly stylish furniture—you just might have to do some digging. The office section includes plenty of desks, like computer desks, L-shaped desks, and even standing desks.You'll also find task chairs, ergonomic chairs, and gaming chairs, as well as filing cabinets, shelving, standing desk converters, footrests, and chair mats. And as you'd expect, Walmart's furniture prices are sure to make you happy.

Design Within Reach

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Looking for high-end furniture? Design Within Reach carries the most premier office furniture brands, including Herman Miller, Knoll, and Fritz Hansen. The design-focused selection includes top-notch economic chairs and desks with functional features and modern finishes. Though the prices are steep, you can count on each piece from DWR to last for years—and maybe even decades.


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Buy on Ikea


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On the more budget-friendly side, IKEA is another great place to buy office furniture. The Swedish brand has all types and sizes of desks, drawer units, task chairs, lamps, floating shelves, storage cabinets, paper and media organization solutions, trash bins, window coverings, and even cords and chargers.

You'll generally find modern, understated designs with clean lines and simple silhouettes. And while IKEA is known as a destination for starter furniture, a lot of the pieces are impressively sturdy and long-lasting.

Crate & Barrel

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Office furniture from Crate & Barrel is well-made, expertly designed, and pleasant to look at. The high-quality offerings include classic yet modern desks, statement chairs that don't sacrifice comfort, handsome-looking cabinets, stylish filing cabinets, and elegant credenzas. You'll also find kids' desks and chairs for homework or remote learning.

Though most items in the home office section are ready to ship, keep in mind that some pieces from Crate & Barrel are made to order. This means there might be a few weeks between ordering and receiving your furniture.

The Home Depot

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ICYMI, Home Depot carries much more than home improvement essentials. It's also one of the best places to buy furniture, with thousands of pieces to choose from. The selection includes over 2,000 desks and more than 1,500 office chairs, plus cabinets, shelves, room dividers, desk organizers, and decorative pieces. You can browse by style—like industrial, colorful, sunny, or cottage—or filter by category, type, price, color, size, brand, or features.


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Buy on

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Apt2B launched in 2010 and has since become a top choice for mid-to-high-range furniture. The retailer has a decent selection of office furnishings, including several modern desks with mid-century flair for all types of spaces.

And if you're looking for a cool yet practical desk chair, this is the place to shop. Apt2B has rolling chairs upholstered with gorgeous velvet, 1960s-esque twill, and smooth vegan leather upholstery, as well as options with aluminum frames and sleek acrylic seats.


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