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What is the best legal Law Dictionary? ›

The two most commonly used legal dictionaries are Black's Law Dictionary and Ballentine's Law Dictionary. Print copies of Black's are located on dictionary stands on the fourth and fifth floors. For online access: Black's Law Dictionary (Westlaw)

What is the best legal definition website? ›

Black's Law Dictionary is considered by many to be the preeminent legal dictionary for American Law.

Where can I find legal definitions? ›

Legal Dictionaries in Print
  • Ballentine's Law Dictionary, with pronunciations by William S. ...
  • Black's Law Dictionary, Eleventh Edition by Bryan A. ...
  • Garner's Dictionary of Legal Usage by Bryan Garner. ...
  • Law Dictionary (Barron's) by Steven H. ...
  • Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary by Nolo Press Editors; Kathleen Hill; Gerald Hill.
Jul 19, 2023

Is Black's Law Dictionary free? ›

Black's Law Dictionary - Free Online Legal Dictionary.

What is the most famous legal dictionary? ›

Some of the most popular legal dictionaries are:
  • Black's Law Dictionary 11th Edition by Bryan A. ...
  • Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law. ...
  • The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary, Desk Edition by Steve Sheppard (Edited by) ...
  • 1001 Legal Words You Need to Know by Jay M.
Dec 7, 2022

What is the most respected dictionary? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely accepted as the most complete record of the English language ever assembled. Unlike typical language dictionaries, which only define words in terms of their current uses and meanings, the OED is a historical dictionary.

Is The Law Dictionary a reliable source? ›

Legal dictionaries are trustworthy sources used to look up unfamiliar terminology (including Latin words and phrases) that you encounter while conducting legal research or in your law school courses.

How do I access Black's Law Dictionary? ›

You can also access Black's Law Dictionary online via Westlaw: (or slowly type in Black's Law Dictionary in the search bar on the homepage of Westlaw, and it will appear as a ...

Is a legal dictionary a primary source? ›

Secondary sources explain the law. They include legal dictionaries, legal encyclopedias, legal periodicals, annotations, and treatises. Primary sources are the law. They include codes and cases.

What is a credible legal dictionary? ›

credibility. n. whether testimony is worthy of belief, based on competence of the witness and likelihood that it is true. Unless the testimony is contrary to other known facts or is extremely unlikely based on human experience, the test of credibility is purely subjective. See also: credible witness.

Which Black Law Dictionary is the best? ›

Black`s Law Dictionary, Pocket Edition is considered one of the most valuable reference works for the legal community, providing over 21,000 clear, concise and concise definitions for over 15,000 terms. It is the essential companion of the complete 11.

Where can I find a list of US laws? ›

How to Find Laws, Acts, or Statutes
  • Web Access. The full text of more recent laws are on the GPO govinfo and websites: ...
  • Document Rooms. The Senate and House Document Rooms may be able to provide you with a copy of a slip law. ...
  • Libraries.

Is Blacks Law Dictionary still used? ›

Black's Law Dictionary is the most frequently used legal dictionary in the United States. Henry Campbell Black (1860–1927) was the author of the first two editions of the dictionary.

What is the Four Corners rule in black law? ›

The four corners rule contract law, also known as the patrol evidence rule, stipulates that if two parties enter into a written agreement, they cannot use oral or implied agreements in court to contradict the terms of the written agreement. The term "four corners" refers to the four corners of a document.

Do courts use black Law Dictionary? ›

Black's is cited by judges and lawyers more than any other legal dictionary, comes recommended by law faculty, and is available in this pocket format and in a variety of other useful editions.

What is a lawyer Black's law dictionary? ›

Black's Law Dictionary defines “lawyer” as “a person learned in the law,” who, for a fee, prosecutes or defends cases of record or who provides legal advice.

Is the law dictionary credible? ›

Legal dictionaries are trustworthy sources used to look up unfamiliar terminology (including Latin words and phrases) that you encounter while conducting legal research or in your law school courses.

Why is it called Black law dictionary? ›

Black's Law Dictionary was the brainchild of the American legal scholar Henry Campbell Black. The first edition of the work appeared in 1891, with a preface written by Black.

What is legal name Black's law dictionary? ›

Black's Law Dictionary states that your legal name consists of one Christian name and one surname and any insertion, omission or mistake in your middle name is immaterial.


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