Georgia's Dragon - The Suches Loop (2023)

Georgia's Dragon - The Suches Loop

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March 29, 2013

The Suches Loop makes a nice day ride from…


Written Directions

Start in Dahlonega, GA (not a bed destination itself) and head north out of Dahlonega on Route 60. Stay on 60N (it merges with GA 19) as it splits off to the left towards Suches, GA. Follow it (If you can) up to Suches, GA and hang a right on Route 180 (Wolfpen Gap Road). Stay on that till it dead ends in to US Highway 129/19. At that point take a right on to US 129/19 and follow it south back down into Dahlonega.


The route is in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest and drives around the base of Georgia's Blood Mountain. This is an exceptionally beautiful area in the fall as the foliage turns into a picturesque tapestry of red, gold, and green. And you'll have some incredible views up there as you pass through three mountain passes along the way: Neel's Gap, Hester Gap, and Stonepile Gap. If you want to get a feel for the views up there, visit a couple of the web cams from the nearby Brasstown Bald observation points.

Drive Enjoyment

This is the road to ride if you are looking for a challenge, and it should have been the first route submitted for Georgia. Either an oversight or a vain attempt to keep it a secret. GA 19 is great because it is 2 lanes up the mountain, allowing for very easy passing. 180 is much tougher as it is the width of a driveway with countless blind turns and steep elevation changes. The multiple memorials on the side of the roads are a testament to the challenge that lies before you and a strict warning to ride within your abilities, for your safety and for the safety of those you share the road with. Overall this is mountain road traveling at its best!.

Tourism Opportunities

At the intersection of SR60 and 180 are two excellent motorcycle resources. TWO (Two Wheels Only) is a great bike restaurant and motorcycle hostel that serves up a fine burger and friendly service. Across the corner is Dale's, the spot where most of the bikes stop to refuel and the bikers stop to caffeinate. Along the route there are several pullouts to stop and enjoy the view. Also, along the way (where route 180 meets US 129) you will find beautiful Vogel State Park.

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March 29, 2013

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The Suches Loop makes a nice day ride from Atlanta, and the curves are a lot of fun. For me, Wolfpen Gap Rd. was dicey not because of how narrow it is, but because of the gravel/sand down the middle of the lane the entire 11 miles of the road. Due to the high potential for spinout (and the major consequences of such a spinout), I couldn't really punch through the curves like I would have liked. This debris may be just because of recent snow/ice and hopefully will get cleaned off as the season progresses. Hwy. 129 was in much better condition and uncrowded on a weekday, so I was able to challenge myself more on that section.

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August 23, 2013

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The Suches Loop is a "rider definable" road, in that it has multiple segments with different scales of difficulty, since it's comprised of four line roads, two lane roads, high adrenalin segmnets, such as Wolf Pen Gap road, significant changes in elevation depending on the segment you take, as well as an almost infinite number of peripheral roads and highways, such as the Richard Russell, that can keep you entertained ad infinitum. The scenery is spectacular (particularly in the fall). You need to watch out after rain storms, for sand and loose gravel/debris in the road.

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August 5, 2012

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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

These are great roads to ride but be fore warned: All of these roads are business and residential routes for the local and slow moving traffic is the norm on both weekends and weekdays and there are not a lot of passing zones. So, be patient and if you want to "play in the curves" and get behind slow traffic, pull over and wait for the occasional gap in traffic. Then have fun!

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