E-Bike Battery Replacement Guide (2023)

Does your electric bike battery fail to hold the charge and might need a replacement? Would you like to change your e-bike batteries on your own but have never done it before? Our e-bike battery replacement guide will help you through the process.

According to a market overview, in 2017, the electric bike market size was at 16 billion. It suggests that between 2018-2025, the market will grow at a CAGR of 4.9% and may reach 24 billion by the end of 2025.

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Buying an electric bike is the start of a long association for every owner. Taking proper care of the electric bike battery is essential. Like every other part, an electric bike battery can only last so long.

With long-term use, batteries lose their efficiency. Changing a battery doesn’t require much skill, but even a simple task like this can seem daunting without proper knowledge.

It would be beneficial to refer to an e-bike battery replacement guide. This article provides a detailed guide to help you through the process.

E-Bike Battery Replacement Guide: A Deep Study

When Should you Replace Your E-bike Battery?

Deciding whether or not your electric bike batteries need replacement can be confusing. You can take it to the nearest repair shop so that they can perform a series of tests to make sure that your e-bike batteries are working correctly or not.

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Several signs point to deteriorating battery life, such as loss of mileage, slow charging, external damage to the battery, etc. If your electric bike battery is having any of these problems, it needs a battery replacement. Let’s discuss these indicators one by one.

Lower Mileage

One of the most apparent signs of a faulty battery is reduced mile range than before on a single full charge. Everything has a lifetime. No matter how good care you provide, your electric bike battery would need a change after the completion of its lifetime.

Fails to hold a charge

If your electric bike battery fails to hold a charge or doesn’t charge at all, there is a high chance that you would need a replacement. Suppose an electric bike battery is completely discharged and left without charging for some days.

There is a possibility that your electric bike battery may be dead. You can take it to a bike shop and ask them to check it, but if your e-bike battery is completely dead, there is not much they can do.

External Damage

Traveling on rough terrain can lead to external damage to your e-bike batteries. Falling of the electric bike can also result in some physical damage to the battery case or shorted cables. In case there is physical damage to your electric bike battery, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Other Signs To Look For

There are several other ways to determine if your e-bike battery needs a replacement or not. If the battery seems swollen to you, then traveling with it can cause serious harm to you and your electric bike.

Look out for overheating, as it might be due to a short circuit. A foul smell from the battery often means something is wrong with it.

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Essential Parameters To Look For In A Replacement Battery for E-Bike


Battery type is the first important factor to consider while choosing a replacement battery for an e-bike. There are mainly three types of batteries used in electric bikes- Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, and Lithium-Ion batteries.

The lead-acid batteries are cheap and have a lower life. The nickel-cadmium battery is slightly costly than lead-acid and also has a better life.

The most popular and commonly used electric bike battery is the lithium-ion battery. It is expensive but offers a long-lasting life of more than 1000 charge cycles.

Size And Capacity

The size of an electric bike refers to the width and length of the battery. It would be best to measure your old electric bike battery and search for one that matches the measurement.

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The battery capacity is responsible for the maximum range it offers. Amp-hours or Ah indicates the battery capacity. Try to buy a battery with at least the same power as your old one.

Charge Cycle

As mentioned above, the charge cycle is the way to determine battery life. Since batteries are the most costly part of an electric bike, you would want a battery that lasts long. Try to find a bike battery with large charge cycles.

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Quality And Manufacturer

With the market is flooding with electric bikes, several new companies are venturing into the manufacturing of e-bike parts.

Some companies offer budget-friendly battery options, but they may or may not be reliable or safe. It is advised for your safety to buy a replacement battery for an e-bike from the same manufacturer as your electric bike.

How To Choose Electric Bike Batteries?

While choosing an electric bike battery mostly depends upon your budget and the type of battery you need, you should buy the replacement battery for an e-bike from the same manufacturer as your electric bike. Buying from the same brand as your electric bike means installing the battery will be easy, and you would get a better performing battery.

Procedure To Change E-Bike Batteries

Electric bikes vary in design. Therefore, there is no particular way to replace batteries on all electric bikes.

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However, we provide a general process of e-bike battery replacement of removal and replacement of batteries that work on most electric bike models.

  • First, you need to remove the battery from the frame of the electric bike. Most of the time, a key removes the battery from the electric bike. However, you can always unfasten the bolts and remove the battery kit.
  • Remove all the wires that connect the battery to the motor.
  • Once removed safely, reverse the process to install the new battery and secure it into place on the electric bike frame.
  • Make sure to connect all the plugs for proper functioning.
  • Lock the battery securely with the bolts, and you are all done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should an electric bike battery last?

Charge cycles define the life of an electric bike. A full charge cycle means charging the battery from 0 to 100%. Most electric bike batteries can last up to several hundred charges. It varies in different battery types and from company to company.

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On an ideal, your electric bike battery should last about 3 to 5 years. After that, the efficiency of the battery decreases. Proper care of a bike battery can increase its life. A lithium-ion battery has 1000 or more charge cycles. Nickel batteries can provide up to 500 cycles, with the lead battery being the lowest at around 300 charge cycles.

How do I know when to change my bike batteries?

While there are several indicators for a faulty battery, having a shorter range than before is the most obvious. Whenever you feel like your electric bike is not offering the same mileage as before, it is best to have your electric bike battery checked. Some other important signs that point to a less performing battery are overheating foul smell and failure to hold a charge.

The short-range and dead battery is not that big of a concern, but if the battery is overheating or having a horrible smell. It is risky to continue using that battery. It is advised to every electric bike owner to change the-bike batteries around every 3-4 years. With the help of our e-bike battery replacement guide, you can change your e-bike batteries on your own.

Can I put a bigger battery on my electric bike?

Yes, you can put a bigger battery on your electric bike, but how much beneficial it would depend on your electric bike and your electric bike battery’s specification.

By putting in a bigger battery, you want to increase the battery life and capacity it offers. It is not the battery’s size that matters, but the volt and ampere it provides is responsible for the maximum distance an electric bike can travel.

How to care for electric bike batteries?

Proper care of electric bike batteries can result in longer life and better performance. With costing about one-third to half the entire e-bike’s value, taking adequate care of the electric bike battery is extremely important. Ensure that it doesn’t fall off the-bike; that can lead to a lot of damage.

One of the most critical factors that most people get wrong is charging an electric bike battery. Proper charging can enhance battery life significantly.

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Being a machinery part, no matter how much good care you provide to your e-bike battery. Sooner or later, your e-bike batteries need replacement. Instead of wasting money on bike shops to replace batteries, it would be best to do it yourself. The process of battery replacement is easy enough, and with an e-bike battery replacement guide, things are much more straightforward.


How do I know what battery to get for my electric bike? ›

In choosing a lithium battery for your electric bike, you need to consider the voltage and ampere ratings. This is important as it determines the range, durability, and power input of your battery. Volts and amperes ratings are the two major talking points when choosing the right battery for your electric bike.

How do I match my battery to my ebike motor? ›

The battery AH rating should be chosen based on the motor power rating ÷ motor voltage rating x 1hr. A 48V 500W motor should be paired with a 48V battery that has an AH rating of at least 500W ÷ 48V x 1hr = 10.4AH. This helps assure that the battery will not be over stressed when driving the motor at max power.

Can I put a higher voltage battery on my e-bike? ›

Since motor speed is voltage dependent, using a higher voltage battery is the quickest way to substantially increase your speed. However, before you upgrade your 36V battery to 48V, for example, you'll want to check that your controller can handle the increased voltage (most can accept slight over-volting).

Is a higher AH battery better? ›

Battery Capacity

In a broader sense, the amp hour rating does tell us a little bit about the battery's capacity. For instance, a battery with a 10 Ah rating will last twice as long as a battery with a 5 Ah rating when used under similar conditions, but it does not mean that it will actually last 10 full hours.

How long will a 48V 20Ah battery last? ›

Affirm does a soft check on your credit (which won't affect your credit score). These Li-ion batteries are our longest-lasting E-Bike battery and have a longer lifespan than other types of Lithium batteries. The battery typically lasts 2-4 years.

What do the lights on my ebike battery mean? ›

The following indicator lights will help determine your current battery percentage on your ebike: Red means your battery percentage is around or lower than 33%. Green means your battery percentage is average, within 33% - 66%. Blue means you have the most juice, anywhere between 66% - 100%.

Is it bad to not fully charge ebike battery? ›

Lithium batteries (and indeed any type of rechargeable battery) do not like to be left discharged. It is good practice to recharge as soon as is reasonably possible after the battery goes flat. We recommend charging after every ride, that way your electric bike is always ready for your next outing.

Can I put any battery on my ebike? ›

Are E-bike Batteries Interchangeable? In general, the answer is no – you should only replace a battery with one that comes from the same manufacturer and is of exactly the same spec.

What voltage should an ebike be? ›

Electric bikes typically come with a 48-volt or 52-volt battery. The difference between the two is power and performance: A 52V battery delivers better performance.

When you pedal an electric bike does it charge the battery? ›

Generally speaking, most electric bikes do not charge when you pedal. They need their batteries to be plugged into a power outlet to be powered. However, some models offer the possibility of charging while you pedal, although this is often very inefficient.

Can I use a 52v battery on a 48v Ebike? ›

This is a common question many ask when they encounter 52v batteries while looking at a 48v ebike conversion motor kit. Can you safely use a 52v battery on a 48v motor? The answer is yes, almost always.

Should I charge my ebike battery to 100%? ›

When you plug your battery in before your next ride, you should avoid charging it to 100%. Lithium ion batteries degrade over time. The longer they stay charged to a higher voltage, that degradation occurs. Also, avoid leaving your battery fully charged if you don't plan on riding your e-bike for an extended period.

What is the max voltage of a 48v ebike battery? ›

When you charge a 48v battery it actually charges to 54.6 volts and when it is empty it will be somewhere around 40-41 volts. Most ebike displays can show the actual voltage of the battery at any point in the discharge cycle.

What happens if I use a lower Ah battery? ›

Low Amperage

Every vehicle has a minimum CCA requirement, and if you install a battery that is below that level, the vehicle may have a hard time starting or not start at all. The higher amp-hours (AH) a battery has, the greater its capacity.

What happens if I use a higher amp battery? ›

In short, using batteries with extra energy capacity will not harm your device, but would, instead, power the device for a longer time (all other considerations unchanged).

What is the difference between 35ah and 40ah battery? ›

The only difference between the two is that the 40 AH will hold a charge a little longer than the 35 AH because the plates have a slightly larger surface area. The power will still be the same because they have the same voltage.

How many amps is a 48V eBike? ›

​48V 14AH e-bike downtube battery with high capacity Samsung 35E cells and 40 amps output.

How fast does a 48V 1000w electric bike go? ›

That is 36.3 miles per hour. So up to that speed, you can hit the throttle and get an assist.

How far can a 48V electric bike go? ›

You are likely using about 15 watt hours per mile. That means your 48 volt, 14.5 amp-hour battery - with a total of 696 watt hours - will give you a range of 46 miles at that usage level.

What does the pinhole reset do? ›

Description. Hold the pinhole button on a reset-capable device for 30 seconds while it is powered on to clear its local configuration. Once the device powers on and performs its initial check-in, it will download its network configuration as defined in the Datto Networking Portal.

Do you have to reprogram a battery? ›

The new battery does not have to be configured for the most current car models. Banner conclusion: No registration required; a check of the electrical functions after changing the battery is recommended.

Does unplugging battery reset? ›

Like desktop computers and most other electronics, disconnecting the battery cable for a short period will not fully reset your ECU due to the residual power remaining in the circuits.

How low should I let my ebike battery get? ›

The 80/20 Rule. Ideally you want to keep your battery between 80% and 20% voltage.

Does blue light mean fully charged? ›

A blue light means that it is too cold to charge the battery. Lithium batteries cannot be charged at a temperature below 3°C (37.4°F).

Why is my ebike battery flashing blue? ›

If the battery is flashing blue LED means that is discharging and it is discharging based on the battery profile you set.

Is it OK to leave my Ebike on charge overnight? ›

Yes, you can leave your electric bike battery charging overnight. There's no need to worry about overcharging or over-draining your e-bike battery.

Should I leave my ebike plugged in all the time? ›

Don't leave the battery on the charger for prolonged periods of time. Although most chargers have an auto-off function, you'll want to be sure there aren't any issues and store the battery off the charger. Every three months, check the charge level of your battery.

How many years does an ebike battery last? ›

In perfect conditions, the battery in an electric bike can last up to 8 years. However, because lithium batteries slowly decline in capacity over time, a more realistic lifespan is between 3 to 5 years. For Blix batteries, you can expect a 25,000 mile (500-800 charging cycle) lifetime.

Can you pedal an eBike without the battery? ›

Yes, you can still ride your -bike even when the battery is dead or absent. An ebike is just an upgraded standard bicycle with the regular pedals still on. Most people use the battery when looking to go faster or for assistance when going uphill. You will notice some things when riding the ebike with a flat/no battery.

Can you charge an eBike without removing the battery? ›

It's best to charge the e-bike or battery inside. Typically, you plug the charging unit into a wall outlet and then into the charging socket on the e-bike battery (many will have a cap that you'll need to remove first).

Can you run 2 batteries on an eBike? ›

A dual battery eBike is an excellent option for those who want to increase their range and improve the reliability of their eBike. The main benefit of having two batteries is traveling a long distance on a single charge. If one battery fails or needs to be charged, the second battery is a backup.

What is the most common e-bike battery? ›

The most commonly used form-factor of cells in an e-bike battery pack is the 18650.

What wattage is best for Ebikes? ›

Generally speaking, a 250W e-bike motor will offer more than enough power for the average cyclist, riding at a leisurely pace on relatively flat terrain. Throw in extra variables, like a heavier rider, a higher required speed and a load of hills and an e-bike motor with higher watts may be better.

Can I turn my ebike on while charging? ›

Never power on your e-bike while it is charging. Charge your e-bike in environments with an air temperature between 32° F (0° C) and 113°F (45°C). Always charge your e-bike to full battery capacity and unplug it when it's done: Do not leave it charging overnight or for extended periods of time.

Do electric bikes charge while going downhill? ›

The vast majority of electric bikes on the market will not charge when going downhill or braking. There are some that do, but it is rare and more of a sales gimmick.

What is the safest way to charge an electric bike? ›

Don't use uncertified or second-hand batteries or chargers. Plug battery chargers directly into a wall outlet. Don't use extension cords or power strips. Do not leave batteries unattended while charging, and do not charge them overnight.

How many batteries do I need to make 48V? ›

The smallest size 48V system would consist of four 12V batteries set up in series.

Will a bigger battery make my ebike faster? ›

Since motor speed is voltage dependent, using a higher voltage battery is the quickest way to substantially increase your speed.

Can I put a different battery on my ebike? ›

If you are upgrading or replacing an existing battery pack, it is always safe to replace it with a battery that has the same nominal voltage. If you have a 36V ebike setup that is not from us, and are looking to 'upgrade' to a 48V/52V pack, more often than not you can do this without damaging the existing electronics.

Can I use any battery on my e-bike? ›

Are E-bike Batteries Interchangeable? In general, the answer is no – you should only replace a battery with one that comes from the same manufacturer and is of exactly the same spec.

Can I use a 52V battery on a 48V motor? ›

Can you safely use a 52v battery on a 48v motor? The answer is yes, almost always. Let's take a look at why choosing a 52v battery is a good thing and not a cause for concern.


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