Can You Travel Internationally w/ Delta 8? Country-Based Guide (2023)

Updates to the U.S. hemp laws inadvertently legalized Delta 8 THC, and it's legal in many cases to travel from state to state with Delta 8 in tow. In most cases, you can even take your Delta 8 THC products with you on a plane, but what if you're traveling internationally with Delta-8?

Is it legal to take Delta 8 THC outside of the United States? And if so, what do you need to know about traveling to different countries with psychoactive hemp products?

Before you pack your bags, here's what you need to understand about travelling internationally with Delta 8:

Disclaimer:We do our best to stay up-to-date with local and federal Delta 8 THC laws, but this information is not intended to be used as legal advice. It's incredibly important that you do your own research before taking Delta 8 THC out of the country to ensure that you're abiding by all local and federal laws in every area you intend to visit.

Table of Contents
Is It Legal to Travel Internationally with Delta-8-THC?
Countries Where Delta-8 is Likely Legal
Countries Where Delta-8 is Illegal
Tips for Travelling Internationally with Delta-8-THC

Key Takeaways

  • Travelling internationally with Delta-8-THC may be difficult because most states have laws against cannabis possession.
  • The U.S. is the only state that differentiates between cannabis products and hemp products.
  • Still, you may be able to take Delta-8-THC with you to select countries. Understanding local laws and the rules of your airline or other transportation methods is paramount.
  • Make sure that the Delta-8-THC you buy is legally made from hemp material and lab tested, and carry those results with you.

Is it Legal to Travel Internationally with Delta 8 THC?

You're curious about the legality of traveling out of the country with Delta 8 THC, it pretty much boils down to this: it is usually legal to travel with Delta 8 if it is legal in your origin country and state as well as your final destination and any areas you may pass through on the way.

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Of course, it's not always that simple. You also need to check the import laws in any country you intend to visit. In some countries where cannabis and hemp products may be legal, it still may not be legal to possess imported goods (or to be the person importing them, which can be subject to even harsher penalties).

Plus, you need to make sure that it's okay to take Delta 8 THC products on the plane and other transportation methods you may use. This makes traveling internationally with Delta 8 an extremely sensitive and confusing topic, but we'll do our best to try and break down where you can and cannot travel with Delta 8 THC products.

Countries Where Delta 8 is Likely Legal

To date, there are only four countries in the world where cannabis is fully legal with no red tape attached. These countries are Canada, Uruguay, South Africa, and Georgia. (Note that Mexico could be very soon to follow.)

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not fully legal in the Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe. In some of these areas like Amsterdam and Spain, many cannabis products are considered legal because cannabis laws are not enforceable due to legal loopholes.

Because cannabis, including hemp forms of cannabis, are legal in these countries, many people assume that Delta 8 products are also legal in these areas. That’s not always the case, and it really depends on how the country defines hemp and its isomers, since Delta-8-THC is often mistaken as a synthetic cannabinoid. It is important to know whether Delta 8 THC is classified as a synthetic cannabinoid in the country you intend to travel to because synthetic substances are sometimes subject to very harsh legal penalties, even in areas where cannabis is fully legal.

In short, you really need to thoroughly research the area you intend to visit before carrying Delta-8-THC products with you. Even if you’re travelling to a place where THC is legal, it may be a better choice to buy the products you need after you arrive so that you can ensure that the products you choose are compliant with local laws.

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Countries Where Delta 8 THC is Definitely Illegal

Pretty much any country that isn’t listed above has a law of some form that bans cannabis and THC products. As of now, the U.S. is the only country that clearly differentiates between marijuana and hemp products. In all other countries, Delta-8-THC is considered a cannabis product.

Some countries don’t exactly enforce their cannabis regulations, but that doesn’t mean you can safely travel with Delta-8. Alternately, some countries have very strict cannabis laws that lead to serious repercussions, even for non-psychoactive cannabis products. Japan, for instance, has a zero tolerance policy on THC and even a CBD tincture with less than 0.3% THC can lead to jail time.

As we mentioned above, it’s probably best to not travel internationally with Delta 8 to any country where Delta-8 hemp products are not explicitly legal.

After you’ve verified that it’s legal to take Delta-8-THC with you to every area you will visit during your trip, use these tips for packing, storing, carrying, and using your Delta-8 products along the way:

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Purchase only authentic, legal Delta-8 products

Make sure that the Delta-8-THC products you buy are hemp-derived and made according to federal standards for legal hemp products. Look for the test results to prove it. (Vida Optima products are always 100% Farm Bill compliant. Shop our Delta-8 Collection to view our third-party lab reports.)

Use original containers

Leave products in their original packaging with any pamphlets or other information that came with the product. If you purchased Delta-8 from a quality vendor, the packaging should contain all of the information that law enforcement needs to identify that the product meets legal standards.

Carry Test Results

Along with the original packaging, take a copy of the test results pertaining to your product. This is handy just to verify that the information on the label of your product is true.

Check Airline Rules

Pay careful attention to the packing guidelines laid out by your chosen airline. Seal any liquids with tape and place them in a zippered bag to avoid leaking. In most cases, it is better to take your hemp products in your checked bags rather than your carry on, and you shouldn’t plan on using Delta-8 products on the plane.

Consider CBD Instead

Consider travelling with CBD if you’re worried about carrying Delta-8-THC with you. CBD may be legal in more countries, although the international CBD laws can be difficult to navigate. Use the steps above to ensure CBD’s legality in all of the areas you intend to visit.

Plan Past Your Flight

Even if you’ve determined that it’s legal to carry your Delta-8-THC on your international trip, you should check local legislation in the cities you plan to visit. You should also consider the rules for local transportation if you plan to use the train, taxi, or other services. Definitely have a plan for transportation and remember that it is unsafe to drive while under the influence of Delta-8-THC.

Looking for Legal Delta-8-THC Products?

Our Elev8 Collection is 100% Farm Bill compliant and includes a variety of potency and dosing options to meet your needs. For travelling, we recommend our individually wrapped Delta-8-THC Fruit Chews.


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Can You Travel Internationally w/ Delta 8? Country-Based Guide? ›

Traveling Internationally with Delta 8

Can I bring Delta 8 on a plane internationally? ›

While you can legally fly with delta 8 THC on domestic flights, flying internationally with such products is a completely different story. Most countries in the world (including the USA) consider cannabis to be an illegal drug, and some countries have unbelievably heavy penalties for cannabis possession.

Can you bring Delta 8 through customs? ›

While Delta 8 THC is legal in some states, such as California, it may not be legal in other states, including Mexico. Bringing Delta 8 products across international borders is illegal and could result in fines, arrest, and/or imprisonment.

Is Delta 8 illegal for TSA? ›

Delta 8 is legally evolving, and possession could cause problems with the TSA and local law enforcement, even if an arrest is unlikely. It's up to you whether or not to take that risk. You're not explicitly breaking federal law or TSA policy by bringing delta 8 on a domestic flight, but it's a gamble.

Can you bring Delta 8 to the Dominican Republic? ›

No, it is not legal to bring cannabis-infused edibles or any other form of cannabis from the United States to the Dominican Republic.

Can you fly to Europe with delta 8 gummies? ›

Cannabis and even hemp-derived products are still illegal in many countries. This means that carrying Delta-8 could come with potentially harsh penalties. For these reasons, it's not a good idea to take Delta-8 on international flights, especially if you have any concerns or uncertainty about the repercussions.

Can drug dogs smell delta 8? ›

It takes at least a few months of training to teach a dog to link a specific scent with the presence of narcotics. That being said, it's feasible that trained canines' noses might sniff out the existence of delta 8 chemicals in various products. So, can dogs smell Delta 8? The most straightforward answer would be yes.

Does TSA care about delta 8 carts? ›

The TSA does not specifically look for delta 8 THC products, but they may find them if they are conducting a random search or if your bag is flagged for further screening. If they do find delta 8 THC, they will likely confiscate it and you may be subject to additional screening.

How do you get edibles through TSA? ›

If you're trying to fly with edibles, stash them in a resealable fruit snack or gummy bear pouch — something that's also not a permeable plastic ziplock bag. If you use a ziplock bag, your edibles will scan as orange, which alerts TSA of “biological material.” Fortunately, most vape pens can pass as eCigarrettes.

Can you travel to Jamaica with delta 8 gummies? ›

You can legally carry delta-8 THC products on a plane without concerns. They're the most straightforward product to fly with. Simply leave them in their original packaging and you're ready to go.

Are there drug sniffing dogs at Punta Cana airport? ›

Yes the dogs have been known to walk up and down the check in lines sniffing the luggage beside you. Just returned home April 3 and yes we did see a drug dog at the Punta Cana airport. At the time we saw him & his handler he was no where near the passangers but that doesn't mean he hadn't been. We only saw the one.

Is delta 8 legal in the Caribbean? ›

It can help to reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation, and provide a mild, calming sensation. It can also help to reduce inflammation and provide relief from chronic pain and other conditions. In addition, Delta 8 is non-psychoactive, making it a safe and legal option for users in Puerto Rico.

Is it legal to bring CBD into the Dominican Republic? ›

Can I Travel with CBD Oil? According to the regulations of the Dominican Government Entity, the Specialized Body for Airport and Civil Security (CESAC), all passengers may travel with CBD oil in hand luggage (not to exceed 100 ml), or in checked luggage.

Can I bring my vape to Dominican Republic? ›

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are not regulated in the Dominican Republic.

What can I not bring into the Dominican Republic? ›

Baggage is declared upon arrival on the island and when you depart. Do NOT bring illegal drugs, animal products and agricultural items. CURRENCY: The Peso is the National currency of the Dominican Republic.

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