AR15 14.5 inch Pin and Weld vs 16 inch barrel (2022) (2023)

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July 16, 2020 admin48 Comments

In this episode we go over the pros and cons of having an AR with a 16″ barrel versus a shorter barrel with a permanently attached muzzle device. Which is better, 16 or pin and weld? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

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(Video) AR15 14.5 inch Pin and Weld vs 16 inch barrel

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  1. If leftist want to abolish the police, then us gun owners should abolish the NFA.

  2. Next time you should pin and weld on any new muzzle device that has threads on the outside of it to allow a second muzzle device or a cone. There are muzzle brakes that exist which are about 2 inches long so you can get barrel down to 14 inches, and those muzzle brakes also have threads where you can screw a cylinder on around the muzzle brake, which drastically kills flash like a krink and also provides muzzle brake and reduces noise from the sides and behind of gun.

  3. Is anyone selling these barrels pinned and welded at 16 inch?

  4. That's why I have an LMT. You're only married to your barrel 🙂

  5. Can u put a 16 0 or 16 equal upper on pistol lower legally??

  6. Best explanation. Thanks.

  7. Short ar's are bullshit the 556 round depends on speed and your not getting speed with those short barrels. Your just poking 22 cal holes. Stupid

  8. in 556 longer is better. 14.5 is long for a pistol /cqb anyway

  9. im in ny. i ordered a 16 inch upper kit from psa. If i take the flash hider off is the barrel still 16 or does that hider count toward the 16?

  10. In a world where the left refuses to enforce immigration laws, election security, and disregards Constitution (especially 1A and 2A) we still comply with their unconstitutional gun laws created by their unelected group of officials in an organization called the “ATF”.
    ….yet they call us the “intolerant ones”.

    (Video) Choosing a 16" vs 14.5" Pinned/Welded Barrel

  11. Strike industries miller comp ftw! Designed so you can still remove gas block with device attached.

  12. What’s handguard? Lol you have it all hidden under the bcm covers.

  13. All of these barrel length laws are total nonsense. This video is evident we're under slavery and tyranny. What else can you call it when you can be put in prison when you didn't hurt anyone?

  14. Thanks to YouTube's algorithm, this video was available for me to see today June 5, 2020!!!! Fantastic information, well presented, and to the point. 14.5" subject still an issue. I am glad to see this. Just purchased a used Daniel Defense DDM4V11SLW and didn't even realize that it had a 14.5" barrel. Only when I called DD customer support to ask if I could upgrade to a 16" barrel, I was told about the pin and weld. Thanks again!

  15. It is only 1 1/2 inch different. Go with 16 inch. Most people watching this is civilians. Quite doing short barrels won’t make any problems. Only the people will know faster is special forces. It is still only 1 1/2 inch different. If you want short barrel get ar pistol.

  16. Watched the whole video waiting for him to come back to silver method, repeats the same information from the first half. ?????

  17. 1 and a half inches. Never understood why someone would think it’s worth extra money

  18. Gun laws seem infinitely more stupid when you look at the legal solutions to get around laws.

  19. Free men dont ask permission

  20. To be fair, pinned means you'll never have to worry about it coming loose! Also, replacing the entire upper is a cinch, and fairly inexpensive, depending on if you're forking it out for fancier gas blocks, rails systems, etc.

  21. 16" barrel offers higher velocity and the ability to use a mid-length gas system. That may or may not matter, depending on the application. But for shorter barrels, I'd rather go the pistol route.

  22. Hahaha. “Are you gonna notice an inch?”

    (Video) 14.5" Pinned & Welded Makes Sense

    I scrolled to the comment section as soon as he said that. ?????

  23. That 13.7 looks nice. But my X95 with a 16" barrel is still shorter overall.

  24. 2 months ago I almost purchased a pinned & welded AR but I decided to go with a Hkmr. After watching your video I certainly made the right choice. The salesman never took the time to explain that too me. Probably because i was looking at a Wilson combat he assumed i knew what i was getting into. Enjoyed the content. Thanks!???????

  25. I have a "wish" muzzle flash (i don't use out due to weight and its crooked BUT), I thought it would be like 2.5in long but I got it and it's like 5in., do can i still do the same?
    I bought it for having 6 prongs that stick out, seemed like a nice cheap ass muzzlenet (bayonet muzzle device) if I cut a couple prongs out.
    6 is like walking on a bed of nails, two or three is different though.

    So if I alter the muzzle device, then pin and weld it.
    Am I still safe?
    I ask because of obscure nonsense laws, e.i it's illegal to carry an icecream cone in your back pocket on a Sunday in Kentucky.

  26. So I know this video is over 2 years old now, but you can get some other devices that are smaller in diameter than the gas block journal. VG6 makes the Epsilon SL that measures at .740"
    Also, FAXON and Aero Precision make barrels now with thin muzzle devices P/W from the factory. Install the barrel, barrel nut, gas block and tube, then your handguard.

  27. im in a state where I have to pin and weld a muzzle device anyways so i'd rather have the 14.5

  28. Did you have to cut the rail for the suppressor to fit?


  30. Ahh the beauty of having a home range nobody knows what I'm shooting lol…

  31. When is the last time the ATF showed up at the range or your home with a tape measure to measure your shit…I mean really, do whatever you want

  32. The NFA is illegal

  33. I'm all about pin and weld

    (Video) How to Pin & Weld

  34. There are several muzzle brakes that have OD of 0.750 so gas block and barrel nut is removable. American Tactical and Strike Industries Miller are two.

  35. Negligible length difference, but the 16 has more flexibility and allows a bit more velocity.

  36. Is that a meridian defense bd3?

  37. What size handguard is that

  38. Again if your under 16 inch then a pin and weld may be what you need if like me your not willing to spend the money on a stamp for 200 dollars that to me that is ammo and a faily good amount of ammo so save the money for ammo.

  39. Free men don’t ask for permission

  40. Daum.. this is a nice break set up… to bad the 308 5/8 x 24 doesn’t come with a pin and weld shelf

  41. Nobody would even notice. They would have to try to remove the muzzle device in order to find out. If it's welded, they will break your gun or destroy the threads on purpose. If it's not, then you will be arrested and fined. The whole thing is bs.

  42. I've been shooting my AR for years and no one has come by with a tape measure. SBR taxation is literally money theft.

  43. Very informative! Thank you!

  44. Thanks for this video. Answered all my questions.

  45. This guy is kind of a weiner. At 4:03 he talks about a "nice, light maneuverable carbine." Bro, it's still 16 inches. You saved like maybe 2 ounces by the pin/weld. Do you really think what you have is "light and maneuverable?". Just get a 10.3 and pay your 200.

  46. I prefer 13.9 or 14.5 with Pin and Weld.
    The 13.9 with Pinned SF WARCOMP is my favorite.
    I pin and weld QD Mounts for Cans .
    A 13.9" vs 16" is over 2" diffrence. It doesn't seem like much but it really does when it comes to CQB. I personally don't change out rails or flash hiders once I get them setup . Also I'm a firm believer in pining the gas block in place . So I have all insurance policies in place before I do pin and weld .

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How accurate is an ar15 with 16 barrel? ›

That said, the 16″ AR-15 barrels offer a good compromise between the full 20″ length and the short barreled rifle class. It's still capable of hitting any target the 20″ can hit while only losing about 50 meters of effective range compared to the longer rifle.

What is the best barrel length for an AR-15? ›

If you're looking to make accurate shots in excess of 400 meters, a barrel length of 20 inches or longer is a good way to ensure that velocity is maintained and that the bullet remains stabilized and supersonic for as long as possible.

IS 16 in barrel too long? ›

The 16” barrel is perfect because it's not too long where you're losing accuracy, but it's not too short where you're losing velocity effectiveness. Now, when it comes to range, this isn't necessarily the case. For long-range targets, the longer the barrel the better.

Is a longer AR barrel more accurate? ›

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What is the best length barrel for an AR-15? ›

Performance Characteristics. 20″ AR-15 barrels provide the most consistent performance across the widest variety of loadings. There are plenty of modern specialized loads “optimized” for use in a 16″ barrel, or shorter, but the 20″ length will still do things better for any given loading.

What is the best barrel length for 223 AR-15? ›

223 Rem do best with a 16" barrel and 1:8 twist rate. For . 308 and 7.62 NATO, a 20" barrel and 1:12 twist rate works best for all loads. For all 300 BLK loads, a barrel measuring 9" to 11.5" provides optimal velocity.

IS 16 in barrel too long? ›

The 16” barrel is perfect because it's not too long where you're losing accuracy, but it's not too short where you're losing velocity effectiveness. Now, when it comes to range, this isn't necessarily the case. For long-range targets, the longer the barrel the better.

Why do you have to pin and weld muzzle device? ›

By pinning and welding a legal muzzle device to a threaded barrel, the barrel is no longer legally considered threaded and is therefore compliant with the law. The process is an alternative to using rifles with featureless barrel crowns, which cannot receive any kind of muzzle device.

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