Addiction Treatment | Hazelden Betty Ford (2023)

Committed to Helping You Find Freedom from Addiction to Alcohol or Other Drugs

In recognizing addiction as a chronic disease and recovery as a new way of living, treatment at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is individualized, evidence-based, Twelve Step-inspired, and occurs over the long term through a continuum of care and support. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are designed to give you the best opportunity to learn, change and begin healing—laying the foundation for the rest of your life. Through fellowship and the Twelve Steps, you will build on that foundation and find your path to a life free from addiction.

Learn more about the evidence-based practices and therapies we offer at our world-renowned addiction treatment centers. Together, we will overcome addiction.


1. Bob’s Story of Recovery at the Betty Ford Center
(Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation)
2. The New Mission of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
(Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation)
3. Trauma-Informed Care in Addiction Treatment
(Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation)
4. Tour Hazelden Betty Ford in Center City, Minnesota
(Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation)
5. Center Of Excellence In Addiction Treatment — The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Case Study
(OPEN MINDS Circle On Demand)
6. Hazelden Betty Ford's History, Philosophy and Expertise
(Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation)
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