9 Notable Places to Visit in Elite Dangerous: Horizons (2024)

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a massive space simulation game that includes a 1:1 scale of our Milky Way galaxy based on real astronomical data. The game includes approximately 400 billion star systems. So, there’s a very big galaxy for players to explore in Elite! That game’s Milky Way includes many interesting star systems, planets, and moons with some amazing things to see. These are some of the more notable places to visit in Elite Dangerous: Horizons.

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1)1. Sol

2)2. LHS 304

3)3. Jackson’s Lighthouse

4)4. Mount Neverest: Planet Nervi 3 A

6)6. Thargoid Structure: Planet B 1 C of the HIP 19026 star system

7)7. Ancient Ruins: Moon 1 B in Synuefe XR-H d11-102 star system

8)8. Site 94: Planet A 2 d at HIP 19284 A 2 star system

9)9. Collection of Wonders: Skaude AA-A H294

1. Sol

Sol is our native Solar System in the year 3307. The biggest attraction of that star system is, of course, planet Earth. Alas, you can’t land on Earth; but flying around our planet’s orbit alone is a sight to behold. Furthermore, there are numerous tourist beacons scattered around Earth’s orbit, such as the Cradle of Humanity. Those beacons chronicle the future history of Earth and the Federation faction in Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Planetary Landing Gameplay Trailer

Mars is also a notable planet of interest in Sol. In Elite Dangerous: Horizons, Mars is no longer a red planet. Mars is a terraformed planet that includes the Olympic Village capital of the Federation. Tourist beacons scattered around Mars chronicle mankind’s relocation to and terraforming of that planet.

However, don’t be in too much of a hurry to fly to Sol. You’ll need a permit to jump into that star system. You can acquire a Sol permit by reaching the rank of Petty Officer within the Federal Navy.

Planet Earth and a Cradle of Humanity tourist beacon that provides some interesting insight for the planet.

2. LHS 304

LHS 304 is a notable star system to visit because of the DA white dwarf star it includes. A white dwarf is a collapsed star core that has two diametrically opposed light blue jet cones on both sides of its center. You’ll see this white dwarf as soon as you enter LHS 304 after jumping. It’s one of the more spectacular sights in the Milky Way. As LHS 304 is just 43.97 light-years from Sol, it’s not too far from the starter Pilot Federation star systems in Elite Dangerous.

You can also do a bit of FSD supercharging at this white dwarf and others, which increases ships’ maximum jump ranges by 50 percent. To do that, you’ll need to have a ship equipped with a Fuel Scoop. If you do, you can FSD supercharge your spaceship at LHS 304 by supercruising into one of its jet cones for a few seconds.

A white dwarf star

3. Jackson’s Lighthouse

Jackson’s Lighthouse is the closest star system to Sol with a neutron star. A neutron star is the stellar remnant of a former massive supergiant star. A neutron star looks quite similar to a white dwarf, but it has different jet cones. So, this neutron star is an equally spectacular sight to LHS 304’s white dwarf.

This neutron star can also be utilized for FSD supercharging in much the same way as a white dwarf. However, a neutron star can boost your ship’s jump range by 300 percent instead of 50. Thus, you can get a much bigger jump range increase at Jackson’s Lighthouse. Be careful though, as FSD supercharging can a bit perilous!

4. Mount Neverest: Planet Nervi 3 A

Do you want to see a massive mountain that makes Mount Everest look like a plains hill in comparison? If so, head to planet Nervi 3 A in the Nervi star system. That planet includes Mount Neverest, which is one of the highest mountains discovered in Elite Dangerous. Mount Neverest rises more than 50 kilometers, and it’s so high you’ll still be above the orbital cruise dropout point when you fly to its summit.

A view of Mount Neverest from its planet’s orbit.

Mount Neverest is visible on its planetary map and from Nervi 3 A’s orbit. So, it’s quite easy to find this mountain behemoth. You can land your ship on flat parts of this mountain to take an SRV for a spin.

5. Sagittarius A

Black holes are among the most amazing things to see in the universe. They don’t get much more amazing than the black hole at Sagittarius A. That star system includes the only known Supermassive Blackhole in the Milky Way. This extra massive black hole is the real Galatic Center of the Milky Way, which makes it an even more amazing sight. Note, however, that Elite Dangerous hasa game mechanic that stops players from flying into black holes.

The Supermassive Black Hole at Sagittarius A.

Sagittarius A is about 25-26,000 light-years from Sol. So, it might be a very long trip for some pilots. Nevertheless, it’s well worth making the trip for pilots who are a little closer to Sagittarius A.

6. Thargoid Structure: Planet B 1 C of the HIP 19026 star system

The Thargoids are an alien race in Elite Dangerous that we’re at war with. There are more than 200 Thargoid Surface Sites you can visit in Elite Dangerous. The most notable is the one at planet B 1 C, in the HIP 19026 star system, which was the first discovered in the game.

This structure’s exact coordinates are LAT -17.9526: LONG -152.6844. However, you might not need coordinates to find it as this structure is visible from planetary orbit. This Thargoid Surface Site is one of an immense scale with some terrific visual effects and atmospheric sound effects to boot. Yes, there are a few alien lifeforms there too! It’s worth taking an SRV for a spin at this alien landmark.

A planetary orbit view of the Thargoid Surface Site on planet B 1 C.

7. Ancient Ruins: Moon 1 B in Synuefe XR-H d11-102 star system

The Guardians are an extinct alien race in Elite Dangerous Horizons, and you can visit numerous Guardian Ancient Ruin sites in the Milky Way. Check out the first discovered Ancient Ruins site on moon 1 B in the Synuefe XR-H d11-102 star system. The exact coordinates of the first Ancient Ruins site are -31.7877 -128.9711.

All the Ancient Ruins sites are the remnants of Guardian communication networks. They include Relic Towers, Obelisks prism structures, and artifact cairns. Players can collect artifacts from Ancient Ruin sites, which can be sold, and scoop relics from Relic Towers. This Canonn research group page includes a full list of Guardian Ancient Ruin site locations.

A view of the Ancient Ruins site at moon 1 B.

The engineer Ram Tah provides an Ancient Ruin decryption program for spaceships that dock within the Meene system. That decryption program enables players to pursue a data decryption quest at ruin sites. Mr. Tah will stump up one million credits for each decrypted data item.

8. Site 94: Planet A 2 d at HIP 19284 A 2 star system

Planets in Elite Dangerous: Horizons include a multitude of settlements that you can land at and explore with an SRV. Site 94, on planet A 2 d (coordinates -19.0622, -99.4450) within the HIP 19284 system, is among the more interesting places to visit in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Site 94 is an abandoned mining settlement that’s been attacked by Thargoid aliens. There you can shoot mining extractors to collect minerals and read through discovered logs that provide further details about the alien attack at Site 94.

9. Collection of Wonders: Skaude AA-A H294

Skaude AA-A H294 is an Elite Dangerous star system that’s otherwise known as the Collection of Wonders. That’s because the Collection of Wonders includes an amazing assortment of celestial bodies few other star systems can match. There you can see a massive ringed M-class star, which has its own tourist beacon. This system has spectacular ringed white dwarf and neutron stars that really sparkle. If that’s not enough, you can also fly to two black holes in Skaude AA-A H294! With such wonders, Skaude AA-A H294 is an incredible star system.

The ringed M-class star in the Skaude AA-A H294 star system.

Those are nine places to visit in Elite Dangerous: Horizons that are well worth noting. However, there are many more amazing destinations to discover within the Elite universe. So, don’t stop exploring the Milky Way after you’ve visited those locations.

9 Notable Places to Visit in Elite Dangerous: Horizons (2024)


What percent of elite dangerous is explored? ›

As of January 20, 2022, only 0.05% of the galaxy, or exactly 222,083,678 unique star systems, had been explored.

Can you walk on planets in elite dangerous horizons? ›

And when the expansion is finally released to everyone on May 19 this year, you can expect (well, hopefully) a much more polished and refined experience. Oddysey is one of Elite's biggest expansions. Its headline feature is being able to leave your ship and explore planets on foot.

Is there an Earth in elite dangerous? ›

Earth is the homeworld of the human species, located in the Sol system. It is the namesake of the Earth-like World classification of Terrestrial Planets. It is the third planet of the system, orbiting at precisely 1 AU from its parent star, a G2-V Main Sequence star known as Sol, or simply "The Sun".

What planets can you land on in elite dangerous? ›

Players are able to land on four types of airless planets - rocky, metal, ice and rocky/metal - which make up 61% of the planet types in the Milky Way galaxy. These planets vary in size and composition, therefore having different gravity forces affecting the flight and landing dynamics.

Is Elite Dangerous bigger than no mans sky? ›

The game has about 400 Billion Star systems (Not sure if they confused this with planetary systems) but no mans sky has 18.4 Quintillion planets (and unlike elite dangerous each and every one is visitable meaning you can land and explore these life sized planets). The size is much larger.

How long would it take to explore all of Elite Dangerous? ›

10 Minutes per system. X 400,000,000,000 Systems in elite. / 6 Groups of 10 minutes in a hour. / 24 Hours in a day. / 365.25 Day in a year. = 7,605,141.07 Years it will take to visit each system and have 10 minutes to spend in each system.

What's the biggest ship in Elite Dangerous? ›

The Type-9 Heavy is the largest dedicated trading ship in Elite Dangerous. It's an absolute monster, with a cargo capacity of 300t as default and the potential to be upgraded to 700t. That puts it just behind the Imperial Cutter for the largest cargo capacity in the game, though it's a minimal difference.

Can you get out of your ship in Elite Dangerous horizons? ›

Players can disembark from their ships after docking and take a lift directly to the local Concourse. The Concourse is the only way to access certain services that are exclusive to On Foot activities: Apex Interstellar Transport - Local and interstellar shuttle service.

Can you land on Mars in Elite Dangerous? ›

Yes, but you need the Sol permit, which is locked behind the Petty Officer rank of the Federation.

Are there black holes in Elite Dangerous? ›

Overview. Black holes are relatively rare objects in the Milky Way galaxy and cannot be fuel scooped. Although they cannot be flown into directly due to their exclusion zones, they still present a minor hazard to travelers.

Can you land on Sol Elite Dangerous? ›

Access to Sol is restricted, and requires a permit that can only be obtained by achieving the Federal Navy rank of Petty Officer.

Can I land on Earth like planets in Elite Dangerous? ›

You can't land on Earth like worlds. Because reason. Actually it is because 80% of the planets in the game don't have atmosphere so enabling landing on those makes the more sense it is for the best of the game.

Can you land on Venus in Elite Dangerous? ›

If a human were to stand on Venus, they would be instantly suffocated, poisoned, burned and crushed all at the same time.

How many ships can you own in Elite Dangerous? ›

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of ships you can own, but you can only fly one at a time.

Can you build a base on a planet in Elite Dangerous? ›

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey expansion won't include base building or VR compatibility at launch.

Which is better star citizen or Elite Dangerous? ›

Elite Dangerous only offers to players the ability to buy several paint jobs for their space crafts. On the other hand, Star Citizen is full of micro-transactions including buying currency, buying ships, and has recently added the opportunity for players to buy billions of kilometers of virtual land plots.

Is NMS better than Elite Dangerous? ›

One advantage Elite Dangerous has over No Man's Sky is its gameplay. Elite's various puzzles, mechanics, and exploration make sure the gameplay stays fresher for longer. In No Man's Sky, however, the gameplay may start to get stale as each planet starts to pose the same challenges, just in varying degrees.

How fast is 1C in Elite Dangerous? ›

1C is the speed of light. In order to enter supercruise, all of the boxes in the bottom right corner need to be turned off, none of them can be lit up blue. Press J, and you will engage into supercruise after a few seconds.

How can I supercruise faster? ›

You can't make supercruise itself faster, but there is a trick to travel at full speed and jump out without over/under shooting it. All you need to do is bind one key for 100% throttle, and another at 75%. Per the video description: "Travel at 100% throttle and reduce to 75% before seeing 0:06 seconds remaining.

How big is Elite Dangerous? ›

Hard Drive: 25 GB available space.

How much has Elite Dangerous explored 2021? ›

Conversation. From 0.036% to 0.042%, this year saw Commanders edging ever closer to 1% of the galaxy being explored!

Are there still undiscovered systems in Elite Dangerous? ›

You won't find many systems within the first 1000-2000ly of the bubble undiscovered. There are a few but not many, mostly systems containing just stars.

How many stars have been discovered in Elite Dangerous? ›

According to Elite Dangerous Star Map (EDSM), a handy database where players can log their discoveries and other useful data related to Elite, players have only discovered 15,779,755 star systems.

How populated is Elite Dangerous? ›

Are they just total population of the stations and bases in the system or do they include the people downwell on populated worlds?
What's the population of the galaxy?
10 more rows
18 Feb 2017

Are the planets in Elite Dangerous real? ›

We're still actively developing the game, and there is still a vast amount of natural wonder waiting to be brought into the game.” But the planets in Elite aren't completely computer generated.

Are there black holes in Elite Dangerous? ›

Overview. Black holes are relatively rare objects in the Milky Way galaxy and cannot be fuel scooped. Although they cannot be flown into directly due to their exclusion zones, they still present a minor hazard to travelers.

How long does it take to cross the galaxy in Elite Dangerous? ›

At the current rate of exploration, Elite's playerbase is visiting 17,585 new systems every day. That's 732 per hour, or 12 per minute. At that rate it will take players 150,895 years to map the entire galaxy.

How much of the Milky Way have we explored? ›

As of now, experts have explored about four percent of the apparent space. That consists of exoplanets, stars, and galaxies that astronomers can see. Yet, there is a vast part – the other 96% ~ that scientists cannot see.

How many planets does Elite Dangerous have? ›

This entire system, including its bright white central star and its 10 other planets and moons, was procedurally generated.

Where is the bubble Elite Dangerous? ›

The Core Systems, also known as the Core Worlds and The Bubble, are an ellipsoidal region of star systems approximately 200 light years in radius around Sol in the Inner Orion Spur that contains the bulk of human civilization in the Milky Way galaxy.

What is the most populated system in Elite Dangerous? ›

Top 100 > Visited systems
#SystemUnique Traffic
1Shinrarta Dezhra36,802
96 more rows

Can you build your own space station in Elite Dangerous? ›

This can be done via trade or via the player themselves. All this allows players to build their own stations by buying the modules or going out to mine and prospect to get the materials and building it themselves.

How many celestial bodies are in Elite Dangerous? ›

144 Astronomical Objects and 129 Celestial Bodies... The biggest I have found so far... : r/EliteDangerous.

What are the best systems in Elite Dangerous? ›

Elite Dangerous: 11 Most Beautiful Systems To Visit
  1. 1 Skaude AA-A h294 (Collection Of Wonders)
  2. 2 VY Canis Majoris. ...
  3. 3 Spoihaae XE-X d2-9 (Planet Of Death) ...
  4. 4 Mynonaw AA-A h26 (Singularities Playground) ...
  5. 5 IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3 (Altera's Eye) ...
  6. 6 Rackham's Peak. ...
  7. 7 Taygeta. ...
  8. 8 Epsilon Indi. ...
20 Aug 2022

Is Elite Dangerous like Star Citizen? ›

Both Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen are space simulation games that give players access to either single-player or multiplayer mode. Elite Dangerous offers players a dynamic society and economy where they can freely choose what to do and what stories they'll write as their game progresses.

Are there cities in Elite Dangerous? ›

The Alliance, Empire, Federation, and independent systems will each have distinct city and infrastructure develoment patterns on hospitable worlds that can be viewed from space.

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